Tom Crean Song by GTV

Tom Crean by GTV

Good Time Villains or GTV for short, are a Dublin based band playing indie folk music. The band originally formed in Perth Australia, when Richie and Mick met and started playing together, then later came back home to Ireland to form the full band with bassist Stephen Caulfield and drummer Carl O Connor.

The band are awaiting the launch of their upcoming EP, which will be entitled GTV, and among the six tracks is the song ‘Tom Crean’. The launch date for the EP is April 17th, and the group have decided to host the event in” The Strawberry Hall Bar”, which is located in the Strawberry Beds in Dublin. The pub is favored by the band due to its renowned reputation for music artists in Dublin. It is not unheard of for some of Ireland’s other finest musicians to be heard playing there and Damien Dempsey, Glen Hansard, Declan O Rourke and the Riptide Movement have all been said to play a couple of tunes in the Strawberry Hall at one time or another.

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When I asked Mick, one of the song writers in the band, what inspired them to write the song about Tom Crean, the reply was simple – that he was a true Irish hero, that had been unheard of until recent times. It was reading Michael Smith’s book “Tom Crean – An Unsung Hero” that really sparked the lads interest in the iconic Antarctic explorer, and they thought “this guy should definitely have songs written in his honour”.

So watch out for Good Time Villains this year as they appear to have hit the ground running with their amazing songs, and have also gained great popularity with Tom Crean fans worldwide.

The song Tom Crean, by Good Time Villains draws its inspiration from the Irish Giant’s two expeditions with Robert Falcon Scott, namely the Discovery Expedition and the Terra Nova Expedition, and the chorus is based on The Ballad Of Tom Crean, which you can listen to below.


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The Ballad of Tom Crean

Edison Blue Amberol Cylinder recording of “The Ballad of Tom Crean” recorded circa 1918 by fellow crew members of the Endurance expedition lead by Ernest Shackleton.

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