Tom Crean – A Poem by Ronnie J. Smith.

Tom Crean.

by Ronnie J. Smith.

I recently wrote an article about Ronnie J. Smith’s success in having  Aeronautical Waypoints, in Antarctica, named after Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s ponies, and Roald Amundsen’s sled dogs. It was during correspondence at this time that Ronnie shared with me, one of his many wonderful poems, written in honour of the Irish Giant – Tom Crean.

The poem is taken from one of his excellent poetry collections, which is entitled The Last White Ruby: The Vanishing Polar Circles, and among the many other poems are The Explorers, Shackleton, To The Sled Dog and Sonnet To The South Pole Ponies, to mention but a few.

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A Hero’s Lament

Written in memory of Tom Crean

A Hero’s Lament

Upon this frozen wasteland
and pillowed snowy dunes
I dream of dear old Kerry
And long to hear her tunes

The ripples of her rivers
The voices hearts do yearn
Her misty mountain’s whispering
To these I must return

Yet onward I must travel
As precious such is living
I ask you Lord please
guide me through
This land of unforgiving

And grant to me a wish O Lord
When duty I am done
Sail safely home to Erin green
An ever loving son

Tim Foley 2014

With special thanks to Tim Foley – Kerry Airport Campaign