On This Day – 8 Oct. 1911 – Terra Nova Expedition

Photographs from The Terra Nova Expedition.

October 8th 1911.

Four photographs from Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s, Terra Nova Expedition to Antarctica, captured on the 8th of October 1911, as preparations were under way for the Southern Journey, which would commence less than a month later.
The first of the images was taken by Herbert Ponting and shows Scott observing a crack in the snow field at the Ross Dependency.
The next two images featuring the expedition photographer Ponting, were taken by Scott himself. Scott was being tutored in the art and techniques of photography, by Ponting, to enable him to capture a visual account of the journey to the South Pole, as Ponting would not travel with the southern party, because he was considered too old, for the arduous journey.
The final image was again taken by Scott and shows the same fissure in the snow field he is seen observing in the first picture. What the image clearly illustrates is that Ponting still had a bit of tutoring to do with his protege.


Herbert Ponting

Follow the link below to view more images of Herbert Ponting, who was the expedition photographer on Scott’s Terra Nova. Herbert Ponting – Tom Crean

Herbert Ponting – Antarctic Landscapes

Follow the link below to view a collection of wonderful Antarctic scenery, captured by Herbert Ponting, on Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition.
Herbert Ponting – Antarctic Landscapes – Tom Crean

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