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I recently came across the wonderful artwork being produced by Canadian artist and (by his own admission) sometimes time traveller, Pete Vassilakos. All amazing pieces, but it was his Polar Art that really caught my attention. His reproductions of images and signage from famous Polar expeditions are brilliantly executed, beautifully aged and are identical to the actual artefacts that inspired them.

Pete Vassilakos - Vass Design

Pete Vassilakos

Like many of us, Pete Vassilakos is obviously ever so slightly bewitched by the fascinating tales from the Endurance, Terra Nova and The Ross Sea Party, to mention but a few polar escapades that scarcely beggar belief. So to see him take that enchantment, and push it one step further, and actually reproduce some of the iconic imagery and typography from those expeditions, to such a degree of perfection, is highly commendable.

Pete Vassilakos, creator/founder of VASSdesign was born and raised in Montreal, Qc, Canada in 1975. He has been creating vintage wooden sign art since 2012. His passion for Polar Exploration has been well translated into his art which varies from reproduction to original design concepts.

Before settling on art design, his path through life took many different directions filled with opportunities and experiences such as; photography, teaching, theatre (set design, prop design, lighting, audio, pyrotechnics, stage management), film/video production, travel, art, woodworking, historical re-enacting, radio, music, and Aviation service.

In 2013, Pete decided to take a chance and start his own business creating rustic/vintage signs and decor, and set out on a mission to make a living doing it.
Although a tougher road to travel, each day brings him one step closer to reaching the goal of a successful home business, and the satisfaction of doing something he loves on a daily basis, all while putting smiles on people’s faces. It is for that reason that each individual hand crafted piece is made with passion and enthusiasm, making each creation unique in its own way.

Feel free to visit www.vassdesignpolarart.com

Made In Canada

Canadian made products are few and far between in today’s global economy, and Vass Design are committed to providing Canadian made products in order to keep the ‘made in Canada’ market alive. Each item is locally made and finished on site. You can take pride in knowing that your item was hand crafted locally with love and care and not factory mass-produced.
Each piece that Vass Design provide is handcrafted using low V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) finishes, stains, and inks which are environmentally responsible products that deliver beauty and protection, while meeting the most stringent environmental regulations. They also also use non-toxic, water-based paints and glue. Most items are made from recycled wood; all of which to help reduce the environmental impact, helping to contribute to cleaning up the environment, by turning old into new.
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VassDesign Polar Art

VassDesign Polar Art

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