Scott’s Hut Antarctica

British Antarctic Expedition 1910 – 1913 – Terra Nova

This was Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s base at Cape Evans, which he last departed on 1st of November 1911, in an effort to be the first man to stand at the South Pole.
Scott and his team did reach the pole, only to find that they had been beaten to the accolade by the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, who had arrived there a little over a month before them.
“The worst has happened”, Scott would write in his diary, but unfortunately the worst was still to come for the deflated Scott and his team, as all five would perish on the return journey.

Now over a century later Google Street View has created an explorable 3D panorama of the hut, which is situated at Cape Evans on Ross Island. While it is safe to assume the hut is not exactly as it was when abandoned in 1917, having been rediscovered in 1956, it’s state of preservation is remarkable, and for those of us who will never venture to Antarctica, it affords us a wonderful opportunity to almost walk within the walls, that hold the spirits, dreams and artefacts of so many brave men.

Scott’s Hut, Cape Evans, Antarctica – Explorable Panorama

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