Shackleton – Death Or Glory

“The Shackleton Epic began in 2008, when Alexandra Shackleton, granddaughter of Sir Ernest, approached Tim Jarvis with the idea of an expedition to honour one of the greatest leadership and survival stories of all time.
A crew of five British and Australian adventurers joined expedition leader Tim Jarvis AM FRGS, and on 11 February 2013 became the first to authentically re-enact Sir Ernest Shackleton’s perilous voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia and the dangerous crossing of its mountainous interior.
The Shackleton Epic were the first to successfully re-enact Shackleton’s complete ‘double’ journey across sea and land using traditional gear. British/Australian adventurer Jarvis, 47, a veteran of multiple polar expeditions, believes it was the most challenging expedition of his life.”

From The Shackleton Epic

Shackleton Death or Glory, was released in 2013 and follows the efforts of Tim Jarvis, Ed Wardle , Paul Larsen, Nick Bubb, Barry Gray and Seb Coulthard,  to re-enact the feats of Shackleton’s men, and complete the  epic 800 mile crossing of the Weddell Sea, in a tiny lifeboat, and then cross the interior of South Georgia.

Shackleton, Tom Crean, Frank Worsley, Harry McNish, John Vincent and Timothy McCarthy sailed from Elephant Island on the James Caird lifeboat, on April 24 1916 and successfully crossed 800 miles of the worlds roughest waters – the Weddell Sea. It was, simply put,  an amazing and outstanding feat of navigation, endurance and survival.

For Shackleton, Crean and Worsley, though the journey was not over. As they had landed on the wrong side of the island, they had to cross the rugged, mountainous and uncharted interior of South Georgia, to reach the whaling station on its eastern flank.

The excerpts from Shackleton Death or Glory, below finally gives us a glimpse of the enormity of the mens achievements.

Shackleton Death Or Glory – Rough Seas

Shackleton Death Or Glory – Snow Build Up

Shackleton Death Or Glory – Storm At Sea

Shackleton Death Or Glory – Navigation With Sextant

Shackleton Death Or Glory – Rough Seas

Shackleton Death Or Glory – Snow Slope Descent

Shackleton Death Or Glory – Crossing Glaciers

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