Shackleton’s Hut Antarctica

Ernest Shackleton’s hut which was built in 1908, during the Nimrod Expedition (1907 – 1909), at Cape Royds on Ross Island. Shackleton led a four man team in an attempt to reach the South Pole, and laboured to within 95 miles of their goal, before he conceded that, should they continue, they could probably reach the Pole, but all would surely die on the return journey. It was a difficult, yet brave decision by Shackleton, that was no doubt prompted by his sense of responsibility for the lives of Adams, Marshall and Wild, who had accompanied him.
He would later quote of the matter to his wife – “I thought you would rather have a live donkey, than a dead lion”

Shackleton’s Hut Explorable Panorama

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Scott's Hut South Georgia

Scott’s Hut Antarctica – Tom Crean

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South by Ernest Shackleton – Tom Crean